Tommy's Story

To say Tom fought his addiction is an understatement, it was a vicious battle that raged through the ups and downs of recovery and relapse. Over the next ten years, he went to 12 different rehabs, detoxed on his own, and fought far more days than he succumbed. Despite the disappointments, his family always had faith in his chances of recovery. Tom did too, he believed that there would be another chance. He hadn’t accounted for IMFs. He never imagined that he would die because someone poisoned him with pure illicit fentanyl; instantly

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lethal to any human. Tom’s still strong hopes of kicking his addiction, making music, having marriage and children, and living a healthy and happy life, were all brought to a bitter end.

Tom’s death and the circumstances around it were as unique as he was. Though now it is far from unique that an IMF killed him. He is one of over a hundred thousand domestically, that are accounted for, now in 2019. It is unique because evidence was found that no other case has had in such perfect supply. DNA at the crime scene, phone records, and more, led authorities to the dealer that sold drugs, but unbeknownst to Tom, also the deadly pure fentanyl. The dealer evaded capture for almost a year, but was finally caught at the border of Canada.

He was arrested, plead guilty, and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Evidence from the dealer, including his internet records, shipping information and chemical testing, led directly to the Zhengs, who are the manufacturers of this fentanyl. For the first time since the fentanyl epidemic began, there was undeniable proof linking an IMF manufacturer to a specific death. Tom’s case has since been in the media and news multiple times, and his name and case mentioned by the U.S. Attorney General, and as part of the focus of a 60 Minutes episode. The Chinese government is aware of his case, as the US attorneys have worked hard to get the Zhengs extradited to stand trial in the US, but so far to no avail.

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