Week of June 1

More deaths in AZ despite Narcan
More than 150 kg of Fentanyl
George Floyd has fentanyl and corona
Fentanyl in George Floyd
British Colombia's disasters
Deaths at record pace
More deaths on Long Island
Overdoses overlooked
Columbus Ohio has surge in deaths
Overdoses skyrocketing in Chicago
Overdoses spike in Queens
Overdoses spiking around the country
Fentanyl Drug Deaths in Washington County
Celebrity dies of cocaine fentanyl
Toddler dies from fentanyl exposure
Twilight actor girlfriend died of cocaine fentanyl
Missouri House Advances Plan to Add Fentanyl to Drug Trafficking Laws
Overdose lifeline
Technical safeguard
Corona and cartels
Kentucky is being hit
San Diego overdoses
Fentanyl contributed to George Floyd's death
Louisiana's ODs
More than a pound
Capital Region Laced Drugs Concerns

Week of June 8

Fentanyl Overdoses Surpass Methamphetamine Overdoses in Tuscon
More than 10 pounds of fentanyl seized in Washington County
Fentanyl is no. 1 killer in Baltimore overdoses
Fentanyl is Back and Full Force in Cincinnati
Fentanyl in jails leads to death
300,000 pills found with fentanyl
Expanded testing for fentanyl
Hamilton County Coroner Updates on Drug Overdoses
Overdose deaths pass COVID-19
Don't Forget Virgina's Other Epidemic
Canada records highest number of overdose deaths ever in May
New York has record overdoses during pandemic
Call For Expanded Fentanyl Testing by Hospitals
Border walls and drug seizures thousands of pounds of fentanyl
Floyd Mayweather's Ex and Mother of Three of his Children, Josie Harris, Died of Accidental Fentanyl Overdose

June 15-30

DOJ Makes 11 Indictments
China backs fentanyl production in Miramar
Google not cracking down in drug crisis
Cartels Hiring Chemist to Develop Drugs Amid Shortage
Carfentanil Accounts for Increased Opioid Deaths
Fatal Opioid Overdoses May Be More Common Than Thought
Tennessee suffers 50% rise overdose deaths
U.S. Custom Border Protection Seizes 110 Pounds
Discovered 70 kg and 140,000 pills
Milwaukee Headed for Record Overdoses
More than 30 States Report Increases in Opiod Overdoses Amid Pandemic
Spike in overdose deaths in Chicago
Overdoses rise at alarming rates in Vermont
Mexican Cartels and the Chinese
New opioid technology
Deaths double in Colorado as funds for treatment are slashed

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